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The Kanawha Trace web page

The 35th Anniversary Hike

For The Kanawha Trace

The anniversary hike was a huge success.From 1962-1997 the Kanawha Trace has been a trail that many people from all over the nation and parts of the world have hiked. On October 17-19 more than 240 scouts from the Tri-State Area Council and neighboring councils hiked the parts of the trail. The people that hiked it say the trail was in the best shape they have every seen it in.

For prepartion for this hike more than 1400 man hours were put into this trail. On weekends the trusty trail boys were out working on it to get it ready. Some of the organizations that have helped on this trail are listed below so check them out. There was also some Eagle projects done on the trail (go to Eagle page), to make it better and improve it for easier use of the trail. All together these past two years many scouts have put forth the effort for this year's anniversary hike. The next anniversary hike will be in five years so get ready now to go for an experience that you will never forget.

These are some of the groups that participated in the preparation of the trail for the anniversary hike:

The Anniversary Hike Started on Friday October 17 and ended on the 19. The first group started about 4:00 on Friday evening and hiked the first five miles to Camp Arrowhead. The last group that evening got on the trail around 8:00 and got to Camp at about 10:00. The first day was a success, with no troubles or incidents.

On Saturday morning the first group got on the trailhead at 6:30 in the morning. The sweep for the trail got on the trail about 8:30-9:00. The next 12 hours or so would be an all day hike for many scouts. The last group should up at Blackjack school house, at mile 19.8, around 6:00 p.m. The dinner that night was Beef stew, which the Kanawha Trace organizers provided, if you paid for the meals.

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