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Troop 42 Webpage

Welcome to Troop 42's Webpage

This webpage is designed to bring you information on Troop 42. In this page you will find the history of the troop, camping trips, up to date information on the troop, Eagle Scouts of 42, and some neat pictures.
Troop 42 is located in Huntington, WV and meets at Baptist Temple on 21st Street on Tuesday nights. We currently have 16 active members and are in hopes of growing. We have 11 adult leaders and 5 boys. We are a very active troop with outings and maintaining two of the hiking trails in our area. The main one is The Kanawha Trace that runs 32 miles from Barboursville, WV to Fraziers Bottom, WV. The other is the Adhai Trail that runs 20 miles from Camp Arrowhead(Boy Scout Camp) to the Ohio River. There is a page under construction like this one dedicated to the trails. You can see that we try to keep our boys active so they don't get burned out. To see more about the Troop click on one of the areas and see what you can find.
Troop 42 has many qualities that make it a unique troop. The troop maintains two hiking trails. Has its own cabin for winter camping and regular camping trips, in the hills of Mingo County. It also has its own neckerchief, the one that you see as the background for this page. In the Troop History section you can discovery more qualities this troop has to offer the boys of the community and what we have done over these many years that the troop has been in existence.

This page is made by T-42 Publications. If you have any comments on this page feel free to e-mail our Webmaster.

This is the Troops Cabin in Mingo County, WV. This picture was taken during our last Winter Camp.