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The History of Troop 42

Troop 42 was chartered in March of 1938 by the Baptist Temple of Huntington, WV and is a member of the Tri-State Area Council. As you can tell the troop has been in continuous existence for 60 years. The troop has been heavily involved in conservation projects and public service activities. The troop has maintained two hiking trails in the council, one which Troop 42 constructed it and has been kept up by Troop 42 over the past 35 years. The troop also has its own cabin that was saved from Beach Fork Lake and rebuilt in the mountains of Mingo County. The troop has also done many projects that have helped with the improvement of our councils Boy Scout Camp over the years. Another thing that makes Troop 42 eccentric is the neckerchief with its own unique design (the background for the main page). Troop 42 has a lot to offer and is a real enjoyable troop to be a part of.

The most rewarding project done by Troop 42 in its history, has been the Kanawha Trace. The Kanawha Trace was open for hiking in 1963. Over the years the up keep of the Trace is one of Troop 42's main projects which needs a lot of man hours for the labor that is involved. There are many projects done on the trail from Eagle Scout projects to any other service project that is needed. One of the projects that the troop has done is the building of Williams Shelter. It is an Adirondak style shelter that was built in 1984, in honor of Woody "Ham" Williams. It is located on the Kanawha Trace and in Camp Arrowhead (Boy Scout Camp). During the winter of 1983 a lot of pine trees were brought down in camp and they was used in the building of this shelter. All of the wood for the shelter was from camp and nothing was brought in. This is just one of the projects that has been done on the trail. There has been many others from swinging bridges to trail work and grading, to the re-guttering of Blackjack schoolhouse. As you can see the Kanawha Trace is a big part of Troop 42 and always will be. There is so much that the Troop does on the trail that it can't all be put here, but if you wish to learn more you can visit the Kanawha Trace Trail Webpages on the Internet. Currently there is two and you can get the links to this page on the Links page of this site.

Another big project for Troop 42 was the building of our cabin in Mingo County. It is an old cabin that was found at Beech Fork Lake and they was going to tear it down for the filling of the Lake. It was then donated to the Troop and we took it down and moved it to Mingo County. It took several years to get it back up and finished for camping in. The cabin is where the troop goes for its Winter/New Years camp every year. The troop leaves from here on the December 27th and comes back on January 1st. It is a nice cabin with a big fire place, natural gas runned stove, refrigerator, and heating stove, a insulated latrine out back, a fresh water spring, and also a nice well with a well cover. The cabin is another project that the troop commits to. Every year we go down there is a project that we do to make the cabin look better or just to give it a little improvement. The cabin as well as the Kanawha Trace is not really completed, because there is plans to add more stuff to them if the material and time every arises.

From this brief and short history of our troop, you can see that we are not a troop that just sits around and does nothing. This history page is not complete and there will be some more information added to it as soon as I can get it all rounded up and put down on paper.

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