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Trail Conditions

The Kanawha Trace is broken into six maintanence sections. The location of these sections are described below. When you find the section that you are hiking in Click on that section and it will take you to a report on the conditions of the trail. The trail conditions are described as down trees, loss of markings due to down trees or vandalism, bridge reports, actual foot trail condition, and so on. If you have any questions on an area of the trail feel free to email the Webmaster.

Section 1 is from the beginning of the trail to Blue Sulpher Road.

Section 2 is from Blue Sulpher road to Howells Mill road.

Section 3 is from Howells Mill road to Barkers Ridge.

Section 4 is from Barkers Ridge to Black Jack School.

Section 5 is from Black Jack School to Mason Road.

Section 6 is from Mason Road to the end of the trail.