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Troop 42 Links

These are some links that are involved with Scouting, Outdoor Equipment for camping, and some other pages associated with the Troop.

Here are some pages associated with the Troop and Scouting:

  • Matt Irby's Kanawha Trace Webpage
  • Tri State Area Council Webpage. This is the council which Troop 42 is a part of.
  • Webmunk. This is the webpage for Thal-Coo-Zyo Lodge's newsletter the Chipmunk. It is the OA chapter in Troop 42's Council. So take a look and see what the OA is up to.
  • Jim Speir's Scouting Webpage. A great place for scouting stuff. Has everything from skits to recipes. Great Page.
  • Offical Boy Scouts Webpage.
  • BSA Net. Great Server with all kinds of great troop websites from all over. A must see.
  • BSA Online. Here is another webpage that offers a list of Troops webpages across the nation. Its a nice site and has lots of Scouting related webpages on it.
  • Troopmaster Software, Inc. This is a company that sales a managing program for all levels of Scouting. They have a list of links for troops, councils and districts. Check them out might be worth it for your Troop.
Here are some links for Outdoor and Camping Equipment:

  • Slumberjack Camping Equipment. This is a good site with pictures of there gear and easy to navigate. You can also request a catalog of there equipment and you can find a dealer for them in your area.
  • Arc'Teryx Equipment. This company sells backpacks and has a good assortment. Might be hard to find a dealer in your area but it doesn't hurt to try. They also have an online catalog and a mailing one.
  • Camp Trails and Eureka. This company puts out a lot of equipment and some good stuff too. They have an online catalog and a mailing one. Just ask for one and they will get you one.
  • Granite Gear, Inc. This company puts out a nice line of backpacks. Check this one out and get a catalog to look at and check out the gear.
  • Primus Action Sports. Every one needs a stove to cook on so this is the webpage to go to. Primus puts out some great stoves and you can ask for a catalog and they will get you one.
Here are some pages that deal with the Outdoors:

  • Backpackers Magazine. A great page has everything you need to know from where to go and what gear to take.
  • REI. This is a great online store with anything and everything you need in camping equipment.
  • Campmor. This is another camping equipment store. Has some good prices and lots of gear.

These are all the links we have right now. When we get some more we will have them posted.
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