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Service Projects on KT

Over the past 35 years many Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Explorers have done a service project on the trail to gain a high rank like Eagle Scout for Boy Scouts and Explorers and the Silver Star for Girl Scouts. These projects were planned and put together by the scout to carry it out while displaying leadership abilities.

On this page is a list of the people who have carried out there projects and completed them for the benefit of the trail. There is also some pictures of the projects in there completed state and some in the working state. This will show you some of the hard work put into this trail.

The list of people and there projects:

There are pictures of each project and a breif description that wil include; man hours, area of trail worked on, reason for this project, and other information. To see the description of the projects just click on a name and you will be taken there.

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