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Eagle Scouts of Troop 42

Since 1939 many boys have entered into Troop 42. There has been only a few of these many boys who have stepped forward and took on the leadership and responsibilty of being an Eagle Scout. These boys have shown there leadership in the troop and in doing there project to recieve this high award in Scouting. To see a complete list of requirements for achieving the Eagle Scout award Click Here.

Now here is the list of boys who are Eagle Scouts of Troop 42:

John "Tiny" Gallaher

Ralph Baber

Glen Akins

Thomas H. Lykins

John Pitzer

James F. Tickle

Bruce W. Trent

Allen D. Keefer

John Lewis

Andre` Runnels

Robert Brown

William E. Graham

James Micheal Triplett

Bobby F. Gibson

David M. Tackett

Charles E. Gibson

Christopher A. Tackett

Stephen L. Smith

Aaron Nida

Chris Kyle

Kevin White

Matt Irby

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