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Gear Guide

Every scout goes camping and sometimes doesn't know what to bring. So this page is going to be dedicated in giving scouts some of the information needed to know what to bring on camping trips. I will using upcoming camping trips for the my troop to give an example for types of camping trips that scouts might go on. There will also be a shopping guide for those who might need a an idea of what to look for when you go to buy some camping gear. There are some suggestions of what gear we here in Troop 42 use and what we think of it. Some of the lists below are from the Boy Scout Handbook and other resources provided by the Boy Scouts of America. The lists do have recommended items in it from leaders that have had experience on these types of trips.

This is what we have so far. If you wish for us to put up something specific or you feel that we have left something out, feel free to e-mail our Webmaster and give us your opinion.

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