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Camping Trips of Troop 42

This page is dedicated in showing you what trips 42 has been on and some pictures of what went on. This page will probably be updated often and the pictures will be taken off and maybe someday put in a archive room. So until then enjoy the pictures and come back in a month or two to see what else the troop has been up to.

Since January of 2000 Troop 42 has got a new Scoutmaster. Aaron Nida took over the reins of being Scoutmaster and has done a terrific job. Over the past two year and a half he has taken the Troop on many camping trips and various outdoor activities. He has also been working on improving the membership of the Troop by recruiting boys. So during this rebuilding stage for Troop 42 it has been difficult to get pictures of the various outings and such to publish onto the webpage. I the Webmaster is going to try to do better in this aspect to publish what the Troop has been doing. Below are some pictures of the some of the trips and activities the Troop has done. I hope to do a little catch with the webpage and get back into a more up to date state. Thank You.

This is a group picture of the Troop at one of the first outings as Aaron Nida as Scoutmaster. The troop went to Carter Caves in Kentucky for some caving.

This is Troop 42 in the mountains of Mingo County going on a little hike.

The hike that ended up on an Icy Creek in Mingo County during New Year's Camp.

Here is Scoutmaster Aaron surfing on the creek that was frozen over.

To see other pictures of Troop 42 and what they have been up to check out the Troop Activities Page. This page has pictures of the Troop in its community service help and some of them just having fun.

These pictures will only be up for a couple of weeks so come back and see what other things show up.

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